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Train Magic

Magic is fantastic.

It allows me to get to meet lots of people who are intersted in what I can do, and how that makes them feel.

I’m not just talking about performing at magic events (although of course I love that too). I mean bumping into people in the street, in the chip shop, or as recently, on the train.

I was watching some magic on my phone before getting off at my stop, when someone asked me if I was a magician. After explaining that I have pursued magic since I was 7 he really wanted to see something.

I loved seeing how this man on his way home from work was overtaken by a boyish wish to see something impossible. He got so excited, and was amazed throughout the magical story I wove for him. I was only too happy to leave him bounding off with a big smile on his face.

I’m so lucky to do what I do. Every time I go out I get to make people feel like the 7 year old boy that I was. Magic, real magic – making someone smile or forget their worries for a moment, can happen anywhere at any time.

Even on a train.

♣  ♥  ♠  ♦

Why you should book a magician for your Christmas party

We’re well and truly into October, so that means colder mornings, the leaves are turning red, and it’s a nausiatingly countable number of days until Christmas.

Yes, it’s coming. So now is the perfect time to be making sure you’ve got the finishing touches in place for your Christmas party.

Close up party magic

Justin’s close up magic is the perfect addition to liven up the mood as your guests arrive, whilst you’re waiting for food, or after dinner. Making sure your party goes off in fine style, Justin performs his close up magic whilst mingling with your guests, making it perfect for a cocktail, canapé or dining environment.

With the right blend of lighthearted jokes, fun conversation starters and of course, impossible, baffling magic which will have people talking for weeks afterwards. Do something different for this year’s party: click here to get in touch for a free, no obligation quote and see what Justin can do for you.

A wonderful party

I had a really fun time performing at a double birthday party for Simon & Christine over the weekend.

Such a fantastic atmosphere, and it was lovely to have so much interaction with all their family and friends. Everyone was particularly warm and welcoming and ready to see some up close miracles.

It’s always nice to hear that my magic was so well received. Hopefully will have a new testimonial to add soon. They had a great buffet too!

Very best birthday  wishes to both of you and thank you for booking me to make your party even more memorable for you and your guests.