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Train Magic

Magic is fantastic.

It allows me to get to meet lots of people who are intersted in what I can do, and how that makes them feel.

I’m not just talking about performing at magic events (although of course I love that too). I mean bumping into people in the street, in the chip shop, or as recently, on the train.

I was watching some magic on my phone before getting off at my stop, when someone asked me if I was a magician. After explaining that I have pursued magic since I was 7 he really wanted to see something.

I loved seeing how this man on his way home from work was overtaken by a boyish wish to see something impossible. He got so excited, and was amazed throughout the magical story I wove for him. I was only too happy to leave him bounding off with a big smile on his face.

I’m so lucky to do what I do. Every time I go out I get to make people feel like the 7 year old boy that I was. Magic, real magic – making someone smile or forget their worries for a moment, can happen anywhere at any time.

Even on a train.

♣  ♥  ♠  ♦

Welcome to my new website


It’s been a long time coming but I can finally reveal what’s been in the pipeline for months. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the new clearer, easier to navigate site where I can show you all just what magic can do for you and your guests, whatever the occasion.

There will be updates from me and what I’m up to, videos coming soon and lots of other bits and pieces. If you have a query of any kind please just get in touch with the form here.

Best wishes, and enjoy the site – Justin.

Justin Price close up magician
Justin Price – Close up magician