Train Magic

Magic is fantastic.

It allows me to get to meet lots of people who are intersted in what I can do, and how that makes them feel.

I’m not just talking about performing at magic events (although of course I love that too). I mean bumping into people in the street, in the chip shop, or as recently, on the train.

I was watching some magic on my phone before getting off at my stop, when someone asked me if I was a magician. After explaining that I have pursued magic since I was 7 he really wanted to see something.

I loved seeing how this man on his way home from work was overtaken by a boyish wish to see something impossible. He got so excited, and was amazed throughout the magical story I wove for him. I was only too happy to leave him bounding off with a big smile on his face.

I’m so lucky to do what I do. Every time I go out I get to make people feel like the 7 year old boy that I was. Magic, real magic – making someone smile or forget their worries for a moment, can happen anywhere at any time.

Even on a train.

♣  ♥  ♠  ♦

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