Why you should book a magician for your Christmas party

We’re well and truly into October, so that means colder mornings, the leaves are turning red, and it’s a nausiatingly countable number of days until Christmas.

Yes, it’s coming. So now is the perfect time to be making sure you’ve got the finishing touches in place for your Christmas party.

Close up party magic

Justin’s close up magic is the perfect addition to liven up the mood as your guests arrive, whilst you’re waiting for food, or after dinner. Making sure your party goes off in fine style, Justin performs his close up magic whilst mingling with your guests, making it perfect for a cocktail, canapĂ© or dining environment.

With the right blend of lighthearted jokes, fun conversation starters and of course, impossible, baffling magic which will have people talking for weeks afterwards. Do something different for this year’s party: click here to get in touch for a free, no obligation quote and see what Justin can do for you.

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