What is Equity, and why is membership important?

Let’s be clear what I’m talking about here. Whilst it is also very important, I’m not talking about this:

Equity – the quality of being fair and impartial

No, I’m talking about the Actors and Entertainer’s union, who work with and protect the rights of many of the famous names you’ve seen or heard on stage or in film. Many of your favourite actors are probably members.

Justin Price is a member of Equity and carries Public Liability Insurance for your peace of mind

Equity is the only UK Trade Union to represent artists from across the entire spectrum of arts and entertainment. Formed in 1930 it now covers a whole range of professional entertainers.

Members include actors, singers, dancers, variety and circus artists, stand up comedians, stunt performers and many more.

I just want to book some magic. Why is this important to me?

Equity membership is really something to look out for and tells you that your magician, actor, or entertainer has taken the right steps to look after your best interests.

  • Peace of mind in case of mishaps and accidents
  • Indicates your magician has considered your and your venue’s needs
  • Many venues will insist on seeing a performer’s Insurance Certificate. You may not be able to get a magician to entertain in a barn or church or other venues without showing a valid certificate
  • Proves that your magician is serious and accountable with their magic. A “hobbyist” magician might be able to offer a cheaper price, but won’t be able to offer you, the client, the same level of protection in case something goes wrong

Justin is fully insured with £10 million public liability insurance.

You can book with confidence and enjoy your special event, knowing your guests are being expertly entertained and mystified. Justin takes care of everything and communicates clearly with you throughout your booking.

Everything is agreed up-front and is readily checkable via a contract which he will agree with you.

Trust Justin to work with you clearly and professionally, in the run up to and during your party.


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